Dairy free waffles in Dubai 

The hunt continues for good dairy free food in Dubai! Today I had the pleasure of trying one of the most delicious waffles I have had!

Usually I’m a big fan of home cooked pancakes but I do not end up making waffles often. The reason is that when I have made them in the past, the texture does not end up right.

Now I know the perfect place for that waffle craving!

The name of the restaurant is Cycle Bistro in Motor City and this picture does not do the waffles justice. Cycle Bistro is a paleo restaurant with delicious food, great service and a cute vibe!

If you are in Dubai and looking for dairy free or just healthy and fresh food, this would be the place!

They plan to deliver soon as well and maybe even open another location soon?

I would love to hear your go-to spots for dairy free dining and treats in Dubai or your comments about Cycle Bistro.

The Cycle Bistro

Unit B6,
Dubai Autodrome Grandstand,
Dubai Motor City.
Dubai, U.A.E.
P.O. Box 478414



2 thoughts on “Dairy free waffles in Dubai 

  1. Hi! Lovely to hear from you! Their waffles are not eggfree unfortunately. I actually do not believe that anything on their breakfast menu is vegan. But they have many other lunch items and treats which are vegan!

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