Galactosemia girl in Dubai

Hello there

It’s been quite a while! For those of you that do not know, I have temporarily moved to Dubai.

So far, Dubai is a great city. With lots to see and do and I am lucky enough to have many amazing friends and family who make it feel like home!

Many restaurants here have allergen menus and are pretty accommodating to dietary needs. I decided to venture out and try one of their famous organic and allergen friendly restaurants. The chain of these restaurants is called Omnia. They have many convenient locations in Mall of the Emirates and Downtown Dubai.

The staff is extremely friendly and helpful and they have many gluten free and dairy free desserts which are delicious!

My favourite ones so far are the chocolate brownie mousse and Nutella Sheika (below)



These can be found at their Omnia Gourmet location in Jumeirah Fish Harbour

Jumeirah Fish Harbour 1 Shop n1-15 , Jumeirah – Dubai

All of their desserts are sugar free as well! I would recommend anytime to make the journey out to try them!


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