Afternoon tea at Windsor Arms

Last week, I had the opportunity of trying the dairy-free afternoon tea at the Windsor Arms hotel in downtown Toronto. This hotel was beautiful and the tea room was cute and cosy, but lets get down to the main points… the food!

They served with the tea, sandwiches (made with dairy-free margarine), scones (yummy) and 2 petit fours (which were okay).

I was happy to hear that they offered soy milk with the tea. The only downside was there was no cream with the scones, but only jam (the scones were pretty good because the jam was amazing even without the cream). I would recommend bringing a bit of your own dairy-free whipped cream (such as Nutriwhip) to enjoy the full experience!

This was a lovely experience and something different that is usually difficult for dairy-free people. This hotel made the experience easy and fun! You do have to notify them when you are making the reservation, but they are happy to accommodate!

I would love to hear any places or recipes that you may have tried for dairy-free tea.

Windsor Arms Hotel Afternoon Tea

18 St. Thomas Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5S 3E7


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